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What are PD Chargers?

PD Chargers are power supplies with a higher wattage than normal chargers, so you can charge your devices faster than ever before. That’s not the only thing that makes PD Chargers stand out from their competition, though. These chargers have the capability to charge multiple devices at once, which allows you to save precious time in the morning when you’re trying to get ready for work or school.

PD Chargers are even safer to use than traditional chargers, making them ideal for families that have children who want to play games on their tablet or phone while it charges overnight.

There’s a reason behind PD stands for Power Delivery. As a powerful type of charger, PD chargers have been designed to charge laptops, phones, and tablets faster than other traditional chargers.

PD Charger Benefits

PD Chargers

PD chargers have a few great benefits. For one, they can charge multiple devices at once. So if you use a laptop and want to charge your phone as well, just drop them both on a PD charger.

Second, since PD chargers draw power from a wall outlet instead of using a proprietary USB-C port that only works with certain devices, there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues or which cable to use. If it fits in an electrical outlet, you can plug it into a PD charger and you’re good to go! Also, as an added bonus—charging speeds don’t vary based on what device you use or how much its been used already. They draw maximum power from your outlets and output it evenly across all your devices.

This gives you fast charging without having to compromise between high charging speeds and long battery life. And lastly, PD technology is highly energy efficient compared to other methods available today. Since power isn’t being wasted on converting electricity from AC to DC or vice versa, PD chargers are more environmentally friendly than other kinds of electronics chargers. It also means there’s less heat being generated while being charged—so your devices will stay cool while powering up. Cooler batteries last longer too!

One great way to know if you’re looking at a PD-enabled smartphone is to check its charger. Smartphones compatible with PD chargers usually have a DC input port labeled either as USB Type-C or PD.

How To Identify PD Smartphones